Silky Sleep Mask grey - grey - Zoe Ayla
Silky Sleep Mask grey - grey - Zoe Ayla

Zoe Ayla

Silky Sleep Mask grey - grey


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Not just a fashion statement, get some serious sleep! Zoë Ayla’s soft & Silky eye mask is designed with the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability. This one-size-fits-all eye mask delivers anti-aging benefits as it doesn’t tug at delicate parts of the face. The lightly cushioned design sits softly against your face to block out light and get you to counting sheep.

Key Benefits:
- Designed for ultimate comfort and softness
- Delivers Anti-aging benefits
- Ultimate Soft & Silky feel
- Hydrates your skin

Beregnet leveransdato 16 jun - 18 jun
Kjønn Kvinne
Merker Zoe Ayla
Kategori Ansiktspleie
Artikkelnummer P191143026