Micro-Needling  Derma Roller 0.5 mm - Zoe Ayla

Zoe Ayla

Micro-Needling Derma Roller 0.5 mm


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Meet Zoë Ayla’s Remarkable New Beauty Treatment: Micro-Needling Derma Roller!
This precision instrument is safely designed for at-home use. This spiky wonder tool uses 0.5mm long safe stainless steel long needles to gently micro-exfoliate and create the appearance of smoother, plumper, firmer-looking skin.

Use Zoë Ayla’s Micro-Needling Derma Roller regularly for healthy radiant skin! Gently roll the micro-needles over your skin and cover all desired areas. Use once a month or every seven days ONLY if your skin can tolerate weekly treatment.

Key Benefits:
• Allows for better penetration of your favourite beauty products
• Stimulates your skin to produce more collagen - the key to radiant skin
• Reduce the appearance of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.
• Reduces age spots and stretch marks
• Comes in an beautiful crystal clear case for protection of the needles

DIRECTIONS: 1. Sanitize the Derma Roller with isopropyl alcohol. 2. Wash your face thoroughly. 3. Apply your pre-treatment serum or cream (optional) 4. Gently roll on treatment aerea 4-8 times up and down, side to side and diagonally 5. Rinse your Derma Roller in hot water and then sanitize with alcohol. 6. Apply your favorite skincare product after treatment.

Metal, plastic

Beregnet leveransdato 17 jun - 19 jun
Kjønn Kvinne
Merker Zoe Ayla
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