H9100 PROluxe Rollers - Remington
H9100 PROluxe Rollers - Remington
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H9100 PROluxe Rollers


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Get beautiful, durable covers with our PROlux heaters. Thanks to Dual Heat technology that warms both the coils inside and the clips, you'll have beautiful rolling cushions that last all day. With coils that will warm in only 90 seconds, it will last for 5 minutes and Two different sizes of heat coils, you have everything you need to leave home with a fantastic haircut.

Our PROlux heaters include 20 coils and clamps designed to give you results that last the whole day. Each coil has a velvet surface that allows the hair to easily roll up without sliding off the coil.

- 20 spools with velocity surface - 8 between (25mm) and 12 large (32mm)
- Improved clamps
- Dual heating technology - Heats coils and clips in 90 seconds
- Compact design and cord wind for easy storage
- Indicator lamp

Beregnet leveransdato 27 sep - 29 sep
Kjønn Kvinne
Merker Remington
Kategori Skjønnhetsverktøy
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Artikkelnummer P180523380