AC9007 Ultimate Power Dryer - Remington
AC9007 Ultimate Power Dryer - Remington


AC9007 Ultimate Power Dryer


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Remington Ultimate Power Dryer is a high-quality salon hair dryer that provides powerful drying and keeping professional standards. The hair dryer has a 2200W AC power with 47% faster airflow than other hair fenders of the same standard. Remington has designed the hair dryer with an ergonomically well-balanced shape designed for a tool for professional use for many hours. Ultimate Power Dryer works at 160km / h and has been tested for durability for more than 800 hours.

With the hair follicle, you also get two nozzles - a 7mm thick for a straight feather and one on 11mm that provides quick-drying results. In addition, you have a professional cold-air function, full 11 heat / speed settings, diffuser to emphasize curls and 3 m cord to move freely around their customer in the lounge or for increased freedom at home.

-2200 watt power welding motor
Long-lasting AC saloon engine - lasts for 800 hours
-160 km / h airflow for quick drying
-11 heat and speed settings including turbo boost and cold air
-Ergonomic and balanced design
-Jonically caring
-Salong wire at 3 m
- Removable rear grille for easy cleaning
-Supersmalt 7 mm concentrator
-Switch drying 11 mm concentrator

Beregnet leveransdato 27 sep - 29 sep
Kjønn Kvinne
Merker Remington
Kategori Skjønnhetsverktøy
Artikkelnummer P180427143