Nobel Wine - 30cl - Orrefors
Nobel Wine - 30cl - Orrefors


Nobel Wine - 30cl


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Gunnar Cyrén formed the Nobel Peace Prize for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel dinner in 1991. Since then, prize winners and royals have eaten with Orrefors Nobel in Stockholm City Hall in December each year. The series has been praised for its elegance and its personal form of expression. Invite an icecream martini as an apple pie, serve a little devil for the appetizer and let the party begin!

"What does the fan look like? A devil? How? It would be best if you saw the life of a life. The result was a black, hairy figure with blinking eyes in her red eyes. "
Thus, designer Gunnar Cyrén describes how the devil glass in the Nobel servis took shape. The regular range consists of the colors red, black, blue, gold, silver and white. In December each year in connection with Nobelfirandet, Orrefors introduces a new color, which is exclusively available in trade in the coming year.


Beregnet leveransdato 25 sep - 29 sep
Merker Orrefors
Kategori Glass
Nåværende kampanjer Orrefors - Kosta Boda
Artikkelnummer P511715