Metropol Tumpler 23 cl - Orrefors
Metropol Tumpler 23 cl - Orrefors


Metropol Tumpler 23 cl


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Live life here and now! Mingle, pulse, friends and happy parties are wonderful, but the ordinary days are far more - so make every day a little more beautiful. Metropol is a modern series of crystal glass, with a drop of black color caught in the clear Confident elegance and sharp shape make Metropol a future design classic, mouth-blown in Småland.

Volume: 23 cl

Beregnet leveransdato 06 okt - 08 okt
Type Tumbler
Merker Orrefors
Kategori Glass
Nåværende kampanjer Orrefors - Kosta Boda
Artikkelnummer P191250809