Japanese cookie knife - Steel - 20cm - Orrefors Jernverk Japanese cookie knife - Steel - 20cm - Orrefors Jernverk

Orrefors Jernverk

Japanese cookie knife - Steel - 20cm


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The Japanese knife tradition is by far the most superior in the world. Japanese knives are a whole science in history, usage and terminology. One type of Japanese cook knife is the Santokukniven. Santoku is probably the most popular Japanese knife because of its versatility.

The Japanese word "San" means three and "Toku" means tasks. Thus, if you translate it right, it means about three tasks, which can be interpreted slightly differently. Some argue that it means that it is a knife that can be used for meat, birds and fish. Others believe that the santa coconut should be used to cut, tern and shred. A santokukniv is any knife that can be used most of the kitchen. The Santokukniven has a slightly sharper egg which makes it suitable for both cutting and chopping.

We have mixed the above technology with timeless design in the form of Orrefors Jernverk and the result is a knife designed with very good sharpness and wide functionality.

The knife is delivered in gift box.

Dimensions: Leaf 18cm

Beregnet leveransdato 24 sep - 26 sep
Artikkelnr. p190791.

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