Steam Mop - 9in1 - Hand Held - Morphy Richards Steam Mop - 9in1 - Hand Held - Morphy Richards Steam Mop - 9in1 - Hand Held - Morphy Richards Steam Mop - 9in1 - Hand Held - Morphy Richards Steam Mop - 9in1 - Hand Held - Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards

Steam Mop - 9in1 - Hand Held


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Steam 9in1 function for both upright and handheld modes for various home chores such as carpets, wood floors, workspaces and more. Heats up in 30 seconds with 14 minutes of steaming. It has a removable handheld device that is perfect in hard-to-reach places.

The tank holds up to 400ml so you have more time for steam cleaning and less time for refilling. Rapid heating of cold water and after 30 seconds steam can be generated. The steam mop has a ball bearing inside the tank that is always covered with water to give you a constant level of steam which makes steam cleaning faster and easier. You can easily start and stop the steam with the controller's steam button.

Suitable for a variety of surfaces like hard floors, clinker and laminates, carpets, curtains and upholstery, windows and shower doors, kitchens and bathrooms and countertops. You can easily fill water and the water tank is removable and also has a level indicator.

We recommend distilled, deionized or demineralised water to reduce the effects of lime deposits in steam products, especially if you live in a hard water area.

Supplied accessories
2x microfiber scissors, matt slider, extension nozzle, elastic cloth clothe bracket, microfiber cloth for cleaning worktops, window socket attachment, angled jet nozzle, round brush, brush for tight surfaces, plastic scraper and bag for accessories.

Warm-up steam: 30 seconds
Watt: 1500W
Tank Size: 400ml
Variable steam setting: No.
Easy to refill: Yes
Duration per tank: 14 minutes

Height (mm): 650
Width (mm): 230
Length (mm): 250
Weight (g): 4240

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Merker Morphy Richards
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