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Scented candle black - Sandalwood & vetiver


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A scent can take you on a journey through time and space. This handcrafted massive candles are made of a 100% natural botanical bee wax blend, weighing 420 g. This is a natural alternative to petroleum-based wax, offering a cleaner and much longer burn time. 100 % cotton lead-free wick. Artisanal, ecological and sustainable manufacture. Poured into an elegant glass jar made of recycled old vine bottles. For harmonius burning, do not extinguish the candle until the enire surface has become liquid. For clean burning, adjust the length of the wick by cutting it before each use. It must be approximately 1 cm.

Beregnet leveransdato 09 okt - 13 okt
Merker Love Warriors
Kategori Duftlys & diffusers
Nåværende kampanjer Bath & Spa, Love Warriors
Artikkelnummer P191294637