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Ultra Whitening Pen


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Ultra White tooth whitening pen.

1. Brush your teeth and clean with dental floss before use.
2. Turn the pen to get a gel on the brush. Do not use too much gel.
3. Brush a thin layer of gel on the front of the teeth. Keep your mouth open and keep your lips away from the gel for 30-60 seconds so that the gel may work.
4. Now rinse off the gel with room-tempered water or allow the gel to remain longer on the teeth, but avoid letting it come into contact with the gum or lips and do not swallow any gel.
5. For best results, do not drink, smoke or eat for at least 30-60 minutes after use.
6. You can repeat this twice a day if necessary. If you want even faster results, use the pen up to five times a day after meals.

Contains: 2 ml

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