Kitchen Scale 5kg - Stainless - Champion
Kitchen Scale 5kg - Stainless - Champion


Kitchen Scale 5kg - Stainless


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CHKV210 is a stylish and stylish stainless steel kitchen scale. A clear digital display and high precision make it the obvious tool in every kitchen. The CHKV210 has a maximum capacity of 5kg with high sensitivity of only 1g. Champions kitchen scales have a practical zeroing function that allows you to weigh several ingredients in the same bowl.

- Max. capacity: 5kg
- Units: g, oz, ml, fl.oz
- Sensitivity: 1g
- Battery: 1xCR2032
- Platform: Stainless steel
- Automatic shutdown
- Touch buttons
- LCD size: 55 * 21mm
- Product size: 210 * 150 * 12mm

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Beregnet leveransdato 29 apr - 04 mai
Merker Champion
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