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Anti-Aging Cream For All Skin Types


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Arganicare Anti-Aging Cream blends organic Argan oil with Vitamin E to decrease the visibility of wrinkles and dramatically firm the skin, leaving it looking glowing, vital and younger. This anti-aging cream effectively protects the skin from the aging process and the damages of daily sun exposure.
Arganicare Anti-Aging Cream boosts the synthesis of three natural skin fillers – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen synthesis is stimulated; elastin fibers are renewed and protected, and the production of hyaluronic acid – a highly potent moisturizer – is accelerated. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed out enabling the skin to recapture its youthful beauty. The intense moisturizer leaves your skin smooth and relaxed with diminished fine lines and wrinkles.
Directions for use: Massage the cream onto clean face and neck until completely absorbed. For daily use.

Volume: 50 ml

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