Macadamia Hair Serum For Dry & Damaged Hair - Arganicare
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Macadamia Hair Serum For Dry & Damaged Hair


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Reparative extra-nourishing Arganicare Hair Serum is infused with the precious oils of Argan and Macadamia nuts. It maintains the correct moisture balance of the hair cuticle, helps promote growth, and strengthens hair by increasing its resistance to breakage.
Nutrient-rich Argan Oil is revered worldwide for its fortifying and soothing properties provided by polyphenols and the antioxidant squalene, while Macadamia Oil is rich in moisturizing omega 3, 5 and 7 fatty acids. This winning combination results in a hair serum that is perfect for hair in need of special nourishment. Naturally dry hair or hair damaged by dyeing, straightening, perming, or heat styling. The essential elements and vitamins in the hair serum are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply. This luxurious blend of components coats hair from roots to ends, improving manageability and providing a healthy look and natural beauty, leaving hair silky soft, shiny and full of volume.
Directions for use: For daily use, apply a small amount of serum on wet hair, then blow-dry, style and brush your hair to evenly distribute the serum for a natural and healthy look. For nourishing care, apply a generous amount of serum and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing with water.

Volume: 100 ml

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