Conditioner For Dry & Damaged Hair - Arganicare
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Conditioner For Dry & Damaged Hair


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ARGANICARE Restoring Conditioner with deep moisture action for soft, smooth, totally touchable hair all day. Enriched with Argan Oil, this conditioner smoothes your hair and leaves it full, healthy and lustrous. Regular use helps prevent hair breakage and provides strength and restorative power.
Directions for use: After shampooing, massage conditioner throughout hair, concentrating on ends, wait 2-3 minutes and rinse well.

Volume: 400 ml

Beregnet leveransdato 13 aug - 17 aug
Kjønn Unisex
Merker Arganicare
Kategori Hårpleie
Nåværende kampanjer Best of Beauty
Artikkelnummer P079682